Air Conditioning Service

car in shop for an air conditioning service

Don’t sweat or shiver—our ASE-certified technicians are here for your A/C and heating needs.

Don’t let the summer or winter months make your commute unbearable. At J.C.’s Auto Service, we have many years of experience helping you stay comfortable on the road. From outlet temperature checks to air filter inspections, we’re here for you with quick, affordable solutions to a variety of your auto air conditioning and heating needs, all backed by our nationwide warranty.

Call us today to find out more about what our experts can offer you for your air conditioning needs today.

A/C Services
  • Outlet temperature check
  • Air conditioning belt checks and replacements
  • Air conditioning pressure check
  • Cabin air filter check
  • Evacuation and charging
  • Freon available
Heating Services
  • Check cabin air filters to ensure proper function
  • Heating system inspections